Bentley Continental

Bentley Centenary Captured on Historic Polaroids

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Next year will mark 100 years of Bentley automobiles. Walter Bentley knew the power of hi-res images so only the best will do for the upcoming celebration. A limited edition Opus book will feature iconic imagery, photos that are captured on an antique Polaroid. The massive 20×24 “Land Camera” was the ultimate point & shoot. As the name implies, it uses photographic plates measuring 20″ x 24″, offering high-resolution images using traditional apparatus. A press release this morning says it is being used to capture everything from their original models to the latest Continental Supersports. So get ready to be amazed.

The name “Land Camera” was probably a reference to the weight, because mounting a 235-lb camera on a boat might capsize the vessel. Three versions of the Opus book will be printed. “Mulliner” and “Centenary” versions will be large print, and the Crewe will be normal.

We do mean large, as the first two will have pages over 5 square feet, with centerfolds measuring 6.5 feet wide. Each book is estimated to weigh 66 lbs, so Amazon might hit you with extra shipping. The book will be the ultimate accessory to your collection, so click the link below to find our dealer nearest you.

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