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Bentley Golf Clubs Celebrate Centenary with Carbon Fiber and Gold

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Bentley is continuing their centenary celebration with another unique release. This time, it’s the new Centenary Golf collection. This new collection celebrates the English automaker’s 100th birthday with limited production and exquisite craftsmanship.

The design of these clubs was inspired by the new Continental GT luxury car. Don’t believe me? Just check out the diamond knurling and the design lines on the club heads. These clubs have a carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum construction. “Centenary Gold” has also been woven into the carbon fiber, giving off a stylish visual on the club heads. There’s also a gold bag that carries over the same carbon fiber and Centenary Gold design as the clubs.

Only 100 sets of the Bentley Centenary Golf set will be created, costing £12,000 each (roughly $15,000). They can be ordered now on the Bentley Golf website.