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Bentley Bentayga App Uses Facial Recognition to Customize Your Design

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Everyone knows that customization of design is one of the best parts of buying a new luxury vehicle.

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A car is undoubtedly an outward reflection of its driver, a physical embodiment of favorite colors and materials, but what if that custom car could reflect your subconscious preferences?

Imagine this: you walk into a Bentley dealership to customize your purchase on a Bentayga. The sales person then runs a few tests upon your arrival, showing you different images of places, food, drinks and flashes of culture. They watch how your face reacts to each, and from how you smile or frown, how your eyes widen or narrow, they determine the parts of life most suited to your personality, then turn those parts into the design of a car.

This kind of an experience would undoubtedly result in a fantastic vehicle, but few humans are capable of truly reading the micro-movements a face makes. Cue the front facing cameras of Apple devices.

With a new app, available today, Bentley has created a digital version of that dream sales person and placed them inside of your iPhone and iPad. The “Inspirator” app, as a press release issued today, explains, measures the changes in 34 facial landmarks at a rapid rate of 15 frames per second, creating a custom film narrative that then leads to the final design of a Bentayga, suited to your subconscious preferences.

It’s a combination of technologies never before used in the car design process, and it’s incredibly accurate.

“The accurate emotion metrics algorithms are built using the world’s largest emotion data repository,” explains the release, “3.4 million faces have been analyzed in 75 countries amounting to more than 12 billion emotion data points.”

bentley-inspirator-102115 (6)
34 facial landmarks appear on screen, gauging subconscious reactions to on-screen prompts

Upon opening the app, you pass through a few screens and need to allow the app permission to access your camera. After permission is granted, you reach a screen that shows a live feed from the front-facing camera, which, if your phone is pointed in the right direction, will show your face.

Recommendations on the screen provide guidance for correct camera placement, and then it begins – a series of short films featuring beautiful beachfront scenes, decadent meals, delicious beverages, lavish decor, fireworks, architecture, orchestras and more, with each eliciting a different subconscious response from you.

bentley-inspirator-102115 (7)
My end result: Pearlescent white, alloy wheels, Chestnut veneers and Linen and Fireglow leathers

After the videos play through, with each building on the results gathered from the one before it, your Bentayga has been customized. Four major pieces are selected for you: your paint, your wheels, your veneer and your hide.

As of now, this customization is only available for the Bentayga, but the release tells us that more models will be available in the near future. Check out some of the screenshots from the process in the gallery below, download the app from the Apple App store and find a Bentley dealer near you from our exclusive listings.

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(Source: Bentley, YouTube)

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