Review of the 2012 Audi A8L V8

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Germany is well known for their exceptional engineering skills when it comes to automobiles.  When most people are asked about German cars, they think of BMW and Mercedes-Benz.  This leaves one outstanding company out of the loop: Audi.

Audi has been creating amazing cars since 1909, eight years longer than BMW and only 23 years shorter than Mercedes-Benz.  Even with this long legacy, they have been sliding under the radar because of BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Recently, Audi has been trying to turn this around by launching some of the greatest cars they have ever made and recently I was able to test drive one of their recent luxury sedans.

The 2012 Audi A8L is an outstanding car that offers pure class and style.  From the interior, to the exterior, you are greeted with gorgeous lines that flow through the car.  Not only does this car look great, it always drives exceptionally well.

Thanks to a 4.2L V8, eight-speed automatic transmission with Tiptronic, the famous quattro all-wheel drive system, and an adaptive air suspension system, the Audi A8L delivers an incredibly smooth ride.  It effortlessly took corners and accelerated out of them with such ease.  While I would have liked to see more power under the hood, there was still enough to hold me back in my seat.  It would take a lot more power to make this 4453 pound sedan seem powerful.

The interior of this car is where it truly stands out among the crowd.  Immediately when I sat down, I knew I was about to partake in a luxurious experience, rather than a sporty one.  The massage seats did work on my back, while my ears were being taken away by the amazing Bang & Olufsen sound system, which comes as a $6,300 option.  The massage front seats came with the $2,000 option which also included 22 way adjustable seats with ventilation and heating.  Everywhere I looked there was something else to make my ride more comfortable.  Climate control was just displayed very well, and the navigation screen was large and easily navigable.  I while say that there were a surplus of buttons, making it overwhelming at first glance.  The main problem I had once inside the car was the gear selector.  I seemed to overshoot the gear I wanted, and it was frustrating trying to go into reverse without looking at the selector itself.

What puts the ‘L’ at the end of A8L, is this cars long wheelbase.  It was designed to comfort the passengers in the front seats and rear seats as well.  Of course when I saw how spacious the rear seats were, I had to jump into the back.  I was pleasantly surprised when I found out the rear seats were just as adjustable as the front seats, only limited when leaning back.  They were also heated, but heated seats are not to be tested in the dead summer in Florida.  Unfortunately, I did press the heated seat button, only to find a burnt rear-end.  So yes, they work very well in the front and back.  Climate control was also included in the back, and was controlled by the retractable arm in between the two rear seats.  The power rear seats, heated rear seats and climate control are only available in the $3,200 ‘Rear seat comfort package.’  Is it worth it?  Well, if you are going to have a chauffeur do all of your driving, it’s a must.

The A8L is one of the most luxurious and smooth riding cars I have ever been in, hands down.  While I would have liked to have seen more power under the hood, a different gear selector and maybe a bit less weight, I really can’t complain but with a base price of $84,000, I get a little room to complain.  This car was designed to give the passengers a comfortable and luxurious ride, and it did more than deliver.