Audi R8 Goes Up in Flames (Video)

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The Parx Super Car Show is an incredibly event that brought out over 100 supercars to Mumbai earlier this year. Supercars of all makes and models made their way to event to please the crowds, including one particularly hot Audi R8.


Some say the driver revved too hard, others say it was a mechanical error. Either way, we aren’t exactly sure how it happened, but we do know that the Audi R8 was in a parade when it started to smoke. As the crowd looked on, the smoke cloud began to grow until the area was covered in a dense smog. Eventually the Audi R8 was engulfed in flames, and then reduced to ash. Luckily nobody was injured. Below are two videos capturing the flaming R8. The first shows how it started, and the second shows how it ended.

(Tip thanks to Ashwin SK)