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2016 Audi R8’s Laser Headlights Revealed

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The latest model to receive the laser headlight treatment is the new 2016 Audi R8. In a press release issued today, Audi announced that the new R8 will have the option of being fitted with the laser headlight system.

Audi’s laser headlights are a great piece of technology that make driving much safer. They are used as the high-beam headlights and utilize small high-intensity laser diodes that generate a great amount of light.

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Each headlight with laser headlights contains one laser module comprised of four of the diodes. The module combines the blue light from each of the diodes, which is then converted into a pure white light by way of a phosphor converter.

These little diodes are both more efficient and capable than standard headlights, and if Audi wanted to truly take the new R8 to the next level, these headlights were a must.

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(Source: Audi)

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