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Meet Robby: Audi’s New Piloted Driving Vehicle

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Driving is great, but not every aspect of it. Traffic. Parking. Blind spots. That’s why piloted driving exists—to eliminate the woes of driving, so you can enjoy the fun of it.”

So describes a July 9 photo caption on Audi’s Facebook page, sharing with us a close look at Robby. Robby is Bobby’s little brother, and Audi’s next step toward adding a piloted driving option for their production vehicles.

A red RS 7 with the Audi decal and designs in black visible all over, Robby is described as being capable of reaching 150 mph on a track while perfectly utilizing every ounce of the 560 hp it has available without using too much. The on-board computer required for a car to be capable of these maneuvers used to take up the entirety of the trunk, but today, it’s the size of a tablet computer.

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Check out the photos to see Robby out and about, and be sure to stay with us for more information about Audi’s advancements of piloted driving as they are released. In the mean time, find an Audi that isn’t quite capable of this feat yet from our exclusive listings.

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(Source: Facebook)

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