Audi Unveils Virtual Concept for an Animated Film

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Lance Sterling is the animated super-spy in the upcoming film Spies in Disguise.  The latest animation from 20th Century Fox, the star will be voiced by Will Smith. In order to give the hero a proper ride, Audi Design joined forces with Blue Sky Studios

Taking inspiration from the R8 e-tron, the virtual supercar was named the RSQ e-tron. There is no denying that Audi is fully committed to an electric future, and the film highlights a fully autonomous 2-seater with all the features a spy would need. 

Frank Rimili is the Head of Exterior Design at Audi’s Studio 3, and in the press release he says “Audi takes a digital, forward-looking approach to the design process, both in developing fictional content and in the production modeling studio. At Audi Design, we combine state-of-the-art digital visualization techniques with handmade precision. These processes enable us to implement futuristic design ideas with the same precision in the development of a fictional virtual concept vehicle such as the RSQ e-tron.”  Click the link below to find your own Audi R8 and stay with us for all your Audi updates.

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