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Audi’s Idea of a Perfect Sunday Drive is a Rally Fan’s Dream

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You wake up, roll out of bed and head towards the bathroom. After freshening up and getting ready, you head to the kitchen where you prepare you first meal of the day, drinking the pot of coffee that was timed. Once your stomach is full and you realize it’s time to head out, you search for the keys, which should be resting on the kitchen counter. There they are, the keys to your Audi allroad. You pick them up, open the door and see that every road is not made of dirt. What do you do?

You drive like you freakin’ stole the car.

A new video from Audi shows us what it would be like if our neighborhood roads ditched concrete and were made of a looser material: dirt. Naturally, they chose their allroad as the vehicle of choice for this video, displaying the car’s capabilities on a type of terrain not many are accustom too.

Check out the video below to see what Audi thinks is an acceptable Sunday Drive.

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