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Audi Sport Bike Introduced

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The world of luxury bicycles has another to add to its list thanks to a collaboration between Audi AG and CarbonSports GmbH’s brand, Lightweight.

Made from the same materials as the R18 e-tron quattro’s cockpit and the new R8’s interior, the Audi Sport Racing Bike was officially introduced at the Geneva International Motor Show, representing one of the more recent non-motorized creations from the marque. A March 5 press release listed some of the bike’s details, including pricing.


Only 50 examples of this bicycle are set to be created, each priced at €17,500, or approximately $18,501 USD, and they are able to be ordered through any Audi partner worldwide. Though the price may seem a little high for something with no horsepower, this bicycle from Audi is crafted completely from T100 carbon, bringing its weight to a total of just 13 pounds. The frame itself weighs just 29.07 ounces, making it almost negligible.

Lightweight, the brand co-creating the bicycle, posted a gallery to their Facebook page March 11 announcing their creation.


“We are proud to announce a partnership with quattro GmbH – and the result is the Audi Sport Racing Bike,” stated the gallery’s caption. “Based on MEILENSTEIN Clincher wheels and an URGESTALT frame design the Audi Sport Racing Bike represents sporty design and lightweight construction on two wheels at Audi.”

The seat is covered in the same Nappa leather that covers the interior of Audi’s new R8, making this bicycle the perfect endurance-exercise machine for the R8 owner who never wants to leave the driver’s seat.


Audi is now joining the ranks of other luxury marques in the creation of a two-wheeled, rather than four-wheeled, performance machine, and it will be interesting to see who is next to enter the high-value bicycle market. The S-Works McLaren Tarmac bicycle saw 50 examples produced at a cost of $27,442 apiece, while Alfa Romeo’s 4C IFD bike was priced at €3,500, or approximately $3,704 USD. Porsche, BMW and others have introduced luxury bikes to the segment as well – for those seeking a shine for their bike, there’s even a $1 million 24k gold mountain bike from The House of Solid Gold.

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The last time Audi ventured into the realm of bicycles was the release of the e-bike Wörthersee concept. Weighing in around 46.3 pounds, this concept was heavier than the newly introduced model, but the Wörthersee concept included a lithium-ion battery and an electric motor capable of reaching 50 mph.

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