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Audi RS 7 Laps Track With No Driver at Racing Speed

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What’s the most impressive thing you’ve seen today? Ready for that to be topped? It will be by this video of the Audi RS 7 lapping the Hockenheim circuit.

The video seen above was uploaded by Audi Deutschland Oct. 19, the same day the RS 7 took the lap. The catch to this video is the fact that the car is driving itself with no driver behind the wheel. Instead, the car navigates through the track thanks to specially corrected GPS signals.


According to a press release issued by Audi the same day as the video, the “data is transmitted to the vehicle via WiFi according to the automotive standard and redundantly via high-frequency radio. In parallel to this, 3D cameras in the car film the track, and a computer program compares the cameras’ image information against a data set stored on board. This is what makes it possible for the technology pioneer to orient itself on the track within centimeters.”

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What’s more, the RS 7 completed the lap at race speed with a perfect line and no errors. Audi has definitely set the standard for piloted driving with this RS 7’s lap at Hockenheim. Be sure to watch it for yourself above.

(Source: Audi)

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