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Audi Concept Has A Built-In Longboard

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Growing up by the beach, longboarding has been a staple in life, as it has always been popular in the area. As I’ve grown older, my friends have ditched their boards for cars as a more appropriate means of travel (understandably). But, what if you want to blend the world of skating and driving together in one glorious manner? Introducing Audi’s new connected mobility concept, based on the Q3.

Located in the bumper of this concept SUV is a carbon fiber and aluminum longboard. This 1.05-meter long board is charged while it’s loaded in the car so that needn’t be a worry to the drive. Oh, did I mention that this board is electrically powered? Because it is.


What makes this marriage of the automotive and skating world so special is found in the car’s infotainment center. It’s here that the computer will calculate the fastest means of mobility depending on the destination and arrival time found on your connected phone’s calendar. In fact, the computer will let you know of a parking space where you can park the car when you ditch it for the longboard.

Going back to the board, it has a range of more than 7.4 miles and can hit a top speed of 18.6 mph. If that speed is too quick for just your feet, it can transform into a scooter, allowing you to clip your phone to the handlebar.

Unfortunately, this is simply a concept. For the time being we will make due with putting our boards in the trunk.

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