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Audi, Amazon, DHL Partner to Ship Packages to Your Car

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The next evolution of online shopping has arrived, and it’s all thanks to Audi, Amazon Prime and DHL Parcel. It’s not quite a drone delivery service that can drop your parcel anywhere in the world, but it is very close.

A new pilot program to begin testing in Munich this May, Audi connect easy delivery is a new service that allows online shoppers visiting Amazon to enter their Audi vehicle as their delivery location. An April 22 press release from the German manufacturer details how this process unfolds, which requires, for a short period of time, the ability to track your car’s GPS coordinates through Audi connect software.


After a purchase is made through Amazon and the vehicle is entered as the delivery location, a wireless access code is created for the delivery person. The code is only active for an incredibly short period of time, during the scheduled delivery window, and opens the car’s trunk in order for the packages to be deposited. As soon as the trunk closes, the code expires and the car is again inaccessible without a physical key.

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Audi, Amazon and DHL Parcel all hope that this will create an entirely new level of convenience for customers, allowing for more flexibility than ever before. Should this pilot program prove to be a success, there’s a good chance that waiting at home for deliveries or finding “Missed Delivery” slips on your door will truly become a thing of the past.


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