Aston Martin DB11

Everything You Need to Know About the Aston Martin DB11

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When buying a new car, it’s always nice to know everything that it can do. When it comes to buying a luxury car or a supercar, there are a lot more things you’ll need to learn to do when compared to your average car. Whether it’s the different racing modes, advanced controls or even the instrument cluster, most dealerships will set aside a good amount of time in order to explain it all. To save the potential buyers of the Aston Martin DB11 some time, the English automaker has uploaded a series of videos that explain almost everything you need to know about their new sports car. You can view all of the new Aston Martin videos below.

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Getting Started, From Entry to Exit

Learn About:

– Keyless entry
– Automatic folding mirrors
– Keyless start/stop
– Electronic adjust steering column
– Aston Martin Aeroblade
– Full LED daytime running lights
– Automatic headlights
– Electronic park brake
– Automatic Up and Away steering column
– Keyless lock

How to Use the Key

Learn About:

– Global open/close
– Keyless go
– One step unlocking
– Decklid open

How to Control the Seats

Learn About:

– Seating
– All new DB11 GT seat
– Embossed headrest detail
– Seat adjust control
– Memory settings
– Power seat bolster
– Adjustable lumbar support
– Three stage seat ventilation
– Three stage seat heating
– 2+2 rear environment

How to Use the Infotainment and Interior Contols

Learn About:

– Infotainment 8″ static display
– Sat nav
– Touch panel
– Optional electric stowage
– Cupholders
– Media inputs
– Audio controls
– Radio (DAB, FM, AM)
– Mobile phone (Bluetooth connectivity)
– Homescreen
– Vehicle settings

How to Read the Instrument Cluster

Learn About:

– Full colour 12″ TFT display
– Driving modes (GT, Sport, Sport Plus)
– Trip meter
– Navigation
– Media
– Radio
– Telephone

How to Operate the Climate Control

Learn About:

– Dual zone control
– Air distribution
– Climate mode
– Airflow
– Sync zone control
– Window sensor
– Automatic wipers

Learn About the Engine and Trunk

Learn About:

– Inspection plaque
– All new DB11 Engine
– Clamshell bonnet
– Softclose bonnet cinch
– Boot storage
– Decklid open
– Optional 4-piece luggage set
– Soft close boot cinch

How to Use the AutoPark Assist Feature

Learn About:

– Auto parking
– Available parallel space
– Auto parking indicator
– Park assist
– Dual LED reverse light
– Camera views (front 360, 180, overhead, curb | rear curb, overhead, 180)