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Aston Martin Vulcan In-Depth Review and Engine Sounds

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YouTube auto reviewer, Saabkyle04, recently had the opportunity to review the 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan at Cleveland Motor Sports in Ohio. The Vulcan is Aston Martin’s newest, track-only, limited-edition hypercar.

The Vulcan is almost entirely made of carbon fiber. Thanks to the heavy use of lightweight materials, the central tub weighs in at a mere 396.8-lbs. Finished in Fiama Red the exterior features exposed carbon fiber. The interior, also featuring a host of carbon fiber, includes a full roll cage and leather racing seats. In addition, Fiama Ded accents adorn the interior. The hypercar is fitted with two detachable steering wheels: one used to transport the automobile, and the other a $20,000 carbon fiber piece affixed with buttons that address all of the vehicles essential features. This second steering wheel also serves as the key for the car.

Even though the Vulcan is purely a track car, it includes the latest in LED lighting technology including turn signals and daytime running lights. It is also fitted with an interior intercom system for easier communication.

In the video review, Saabkyle04 states that this is the first Vulcan to be delivered in the United States. Saabkyle04 estimates a 0-60 mph acceleration under 3 seconds and a top speed of around 225=mph thanks to 820 hp 590 lb. ft. of torque. The hypercar produces enough downforce to compete with GT3 level race cars. The engine must be primed to start, which is done by first pulling a red tab-button and then turning the ignition switch to the “1” position. Once the screen comes on, the engine is primed by pushing the red start button.

Each car can be personally tailored thanks to a nearly infinite combination of trim and colors. Noted as Aston Martin’s “most extreme high performance offering to date” the Vulcan is limited to 24 units and priced at $2.4 million.

Watch the full review here: