Aston Martin For Sale Vulcan

Aston Martin Vulcan #14 For Sale

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Presented by kaaimans International Ltd

One of the best ways to increase demand is to limit the supply. That’s why Aston Martin only built 24 examples of the Vulcan. Using the wild One-77 as a learning experience, they developed a one-piece carbon fiber tub that is only 396 lbs. The end result of a 9 person team, each tub was built in four days, requiring three trips through the Autoclave.

Extensive computer modeling allowed the rear suspension, transmission, and spoiler to share the same mounting points. This is just one of the ways strength was optimized and weight was saved. For power, they turned to the GT3 division of Aston Martin Racing. Sure they could have added turbos or a supercharger to the 6.0 liter, but that would be too easy. In order to reach 800 horsepower, a new 7.0 liter V12 needed its own block, heads, and internals. Cosworth supplied the electronics in a unique format. The computer allows for 3 power levels so drivers can adapt to changing conditions.

The big V12 sits behind the front wheels to provide an optimal weight distribution, and it is connected to a brutal Xtrac 6-speed sequential transmission. The straight-cut gears provide a rewarding soundtrack, as you shift from paddles on the steering wheel. Inboard suspension with DSSV shocks and adjustable sway bars make for comfort and performance in the same space. They could have used T45 steel for the roll cage. Instead, they went with 15 CDV 6 aerospace steel to save 13 lbs in the chassis. No detail was overlooked, which is why all 24 examples of the Vulcan are guaranteed to never depreciate. If you are looking for an investment, #14 is available by Kaaimans International. It is located in the United Kingdom with 200 miles on the odometer. Click on the link below for all the details and stay with us for more great Aston Martins.

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