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Aston Martin Vantage GT12 Trailer Released

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On Feb. 17, Aston Martin unveiled the new Aston Martin Vantage GT3. Fast forward to today and this car still does not yet exist, but the Vantage GT12 does. Apparently, the “GT3” name caused a slight legal headache for Aston Martin, leading them to change the model name to the Vantage GT12. Does this affect the car in any way? No. Is it still an incredible race car that sounds like heaven? Yes.


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In a video published April 9 by Aston Martin, the newly-badged Vantage GT12 made its video debut. If you didn’t believe us about how great this car sounds, then you must watch this video and turn the volume up. Its monstrous 6.0-liter V12 engine pumps out an automotive symphony that needs to be heard.

Only 100 examples of this car will be created and each will cost around $383,000.

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