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Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing Team Up to Create Ultimate Hypercar

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At the intersection of quality racing and luxurious innovation sit two well-known names in the automotive game. And it just so happens that those two names are teaming up to create the “ultimate hypercar,” according to an Aston Martin press release. Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing of Formula One are set to collaborate on a project they’ve code named “AM-RB 001.” The project, which at the moment, doesn’t have a start date, will be headed by Adrian Newey of Red Bull Racing and Marek Reichman of Aston Martin. The two hold space in a select group of some of the best and brightest in the industry.

Both companies can’t contain their excitement regarding the partnership. Dr. Andy Palmer, Aston Martin’s CEO states the collaboration will “create a car that will excite and stir the imaginations of the car designers of the future and a global audience of sports car enthusiasts.” Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing Team’s Principal, is excited about, “the iconic Aston Martin logo [returning] to grand prix racing for the first time since 1960,” and “harnessing Formula One DNA to produce the ultimate of all road cars.”

While exact details on the start of the project are unclear, we can’t wait to see what the collaboration comes up with. Stay tuned to Autofluence, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated as we learn more.

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