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Aston Martin Shows Off Electric Conversion for Their Classic Cars

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One of the challenges of our hobby is keeping old cars in running condition. Trying to find a set of points or a condenser for a rare classic can be next to impossible. That is why Aston Martin Works have future-proofed a 1970 DB6. In a press release this morning, we see the details of their new EV “casette“. It is a self-contained electric conversion that bolts in place of the original engine.

The technology it contains is a supporting piece of Aston Martin’s EV strategy. An electric motor and its controller sit on the original engine and transmission mounts. It even includes a 12v supply to run the car’s original accessories. The only interior modification is a small screen to control the battery and power management systems. 

They envision a future where older carbureted cars are restricted due to their polluting exhaust. It is very similar to our friends at Genovation. Their GXE is an electric supercar based on the Corvette Z06. It reminds me of the “Hover Conversion” business seen in Back to the Future II. Old cars are not going anywhere, so it’s about time they get a high voltage makeover. Congrats to Aston Martin for taking the initiative, as it also applies to their other historic models. Click the link below for great deals on the Vanquish and stay with us for all your Aston Martin news.