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Aston Martin DB10 Caught On “Spectre” James Bond Set

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James Bond is out to save the world again in his upcoming movie “Spectre.” While fans of the series are excited for the new story, fans of automobiles are excited for the inclusion of the Jaguar CX-75 and the new Aston Martin DB10. While we have only seen renderings of the DB10 thus far, we now have actual footage of the car from the set of the new movie.


In a video uploaded to YouTube Feb. 12 by L Verse Studios, the new DB10 can be seen in action. From what we can see, the car remains very true to what Aston Martin showed the world in a Dec. 4, 2014 press release.

In the video showcased above, you can see the new DB10 reversing into a 90-degree turn while being shot at, as well as some closeup shots. Additionally, a number of great cars can be seen in the video, including the Porsche 959 and Jaguar CX-75.

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Be sure to stay with us for more information on the new Aston Martin DB10 as it is released.

(Source: YouTube via MotorAuthority)

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