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Aston Martin Crossover, Supercar Refresh and More Inbound

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It’s been just over 100 years since Aston Martin’s founding in 1913, and the marque has since been creating some of the most memorable cars in the world. And now, it sounds like the English automaker is looking for some new material in their lineup.

According to a Automotive News Europe article from today, Aston Martin has a six-year plan to refresh the brand and help make them “consistently profitable.”

Aston Martin DBX Concept
Aston Martin DBX Concept

First off, they will be creating their first crossover model, which was previewed in the form of the AWD DBX concept that was at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show.

“We need to be less dependent on a narrow product portfolio,” CEO Andy Palmer told Automotive News Europe. “It sounds contentious to say Aston Martin is going into crossovers, but sometimes that is what you have to do.”

Additionally, Palmer revealed that they will be joined by a new sedan and a mysterious third model, each of which will share one of the two new platforms they plan on introducing.

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However, before we see these three new models, Aston Martin will introduce a car from a new sports car platform. This is expected to happen in September 2016.

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(Source: Automotive News Europe)

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