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50 Aston Martins Gather for “DB10: Built for Bond” Premier

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On a rainy Sunday evening this past Nov. 8, a massive group of cars gathered for a drive-in movie screening. But this wasn’t just your ordinary drive-in show.

The cars were 50 different Aston Martins, the screen was against the stunning Blenheim Palace and the gathering celebrated a car crafted for England’s greatest spy. It was the kind of a movie night that’s unlikely to ever occur again.

The one-hour documentary “DB10: Built for Bond” premiered that Sunday night, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of James Bond’s latest ride from the British marque. As a Nov. 9 release and Facebook post from Aston Martin both describe, a reception was held in the Palaces’ Great Hall prior to the screening, where Mark Higgins, the stunt driver for the DB10, answered a few questions about his experience.

The DB10 was crafted specifically for “Spectre,” the latest Bond film that premiered in the United States Nov. 6. It’s the 24th Bond film to be produced and released, and the 12th to feature an Aston Martin as Bond’s go-to car. Only 10 examples of this car were created, each of which is currently on a tour of Aston Martin showrooms across the United Kingdom.

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(via Aston Martin, Facebook)

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