2015 Buyers Guide Aston Martin DB9

2015 ECBG: Aston Martin DB9 Carbon Edition

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Written by Justin Bell:

Slipping behind the wheel of Aston Martin’s new DB9, it’s hard to think that, in principle, this model has been around for ten years. Everything about a modern-day Aston Martin is current and cutting edge. Of course, to keep any car model in vogue, a limited edition model has to be released, and the DB9 Carbon Edition is as perfect an execution of that mandate as possible. Up close, the introduction of carbon fiber everywhere exudes a masculine feel. All the aerodynamic body elements are in carbon fiber, and in black the DB9 is striking to look at.

Price: $202,820

Engine: 6.0-liter V12

Horsepower: 510

Torque: 457 lb-ft

0-60: 4.6 seconds

Top Speed: 183 mph

Transmission: 6-speed automatic


On the inside prepare to be equally as impressed. It is a successful mix of luxury and power. The interior is an equally impressive mix of luxury and power. Of course if this all sounds a bit overbearing, just turn on the engine and let it rip. The V-12 engine tone is magnificent and handling is surprisingly responsive and agile for a car of this size.

The DB9 really is perfect for blasting down long, open, fast stretches of road in luxury. And yet it will not let you down when more active driving is required. It is also a statement of individuality, which goes a long way in terms of street cred.

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