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2018 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Review

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If there’s one car I’ve driven over the years that truly feels like a sports car, it’s the 2018 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. It has the maneuverability, speed and looks that one would want out of a true sports car. Last year, I had the chance to test out the 2018 4C Coupe, and now I’ve taken some time up behind the Spider variant.

This car’s engine is the same as the ’17 Coupe’s, meaning it’s powered by a turbocharged inline-four engine. This little engine puts out 237 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. Those numbers may not be large but with a small car, they’re immediately noticeable. When the pedal is smashed down, the car will run 0 to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds and it will hit a top speed of 160 mph. I didn’t test out the top speed claim, but the 0 to 60 time seems spot on and it felt great in action. What’s better than zipping around town in a small sports car?

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2018 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

As for looks, the 4C Spider has it all. The exterior, as I mentioned before, is downright sporty. In the rear is highlighted by two large taillights that have exhaust tips placed below and in between them. Up front is the undeniable Alfa Romeo-style front fascia that always gets looks when spotted on the road. But there’s one thing you can’t help but notice: it’s small.

The 4C Spider’s size really takes shape once you squeeze yourself into the seats. If you have a passenger, be prepared to sit elbow-to-elbow, because there isn’t a lot of space. But, the 4C Spider was never meant to be spacious. No, it’s supposed to be small and quick, which it accomplishes.

2018 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Its interior is pretty barebones, with leather being used sparingly and naked carbon fiber use extensively. Again, it’s a sports car with a fittingly sporty interior. Also, the radio head unit was aftermarket, which was interesting. I’ll admit, I never really used it because I couldn’t get over the sound of the car itself.

2018 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

The 2018 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is a fantastic little sports car that’s fun by all means. The one major downside? It costs a pretty penny with an MSRP of $65,900.