West Coast Customs and Xbox Make a Real PUBG Bus

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has become one of the world’s most popular games, right next to Fortnite. Its battle royale gameplay has captured the controllers and keyboards of gamers around the world, prompting Xbox to create the Xbox One Summer of PUBG event. This event will include a lot of announcement, but most importantly a giveaway. Prizes include items you’d expect, like copies of the game, Xbox Elite Wireless Controllers and Xbox One X systems. But the grand prize comes as a surprise: a real-life PUBG bus.

This custom bus was created by West Coast Customs, who had held from their CEO’s son, @dynamitedylan. The bus was directly inspired by the game and comes full of goodies like four monitors hooked up to Xbox systems, green LED lights and a steering wheel with a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” emblem.

To enter the contest and try your chance at winning this epic bus, click here.