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Top 10 Aftermarket Companies in the duPont REGISTRY

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In every issue, the duPont REGISTRY is home to many aftermarket manufacturers who look at the best vehicles in the world and find ways to make them better. These are the best tuning companies, full of entrepreneurs and visionaries; mechanics who understand the art behind the manufacturer’s work and strive to enhance its beauty.

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We could very well spend all day listing all of the aftermarket tuning companies offered in our magazine. But to save some time, we’ve put together a few car tuning companies from the pages of the duPont REGISTRY that we believe have created some of the best available works of fine-tuned art. Feel free to click on the links to visit their sites and learn more. Enjoy.


ac schnitzer

AC Schnitzer

Their slogan is “beyond the standard,” and their focus is to be the best BMW tuning company, including MINIs and motorcycles. The company has received a customer satisfaction rating of 4.85 out of 5 stars for reviews on their website and has certainly earned the reputation. They’ve been in operation for the past 25 years and “develops custom components which meet the highest standards of perfection.”

Their team of 55 employees has a key focus on the development of tuning accessories as well as complete vehicles to offer to world-wide sales networks. The team has exclusive importers and dealers in their area to allow for the best in BMW tuning for anybody around the world.




AMS Performance

AMS was founded in March 2001 with a commitment to developing the AMS 2.3 Turbo Ford Cam. However, as times changed for the company, they adapted to new dyno-systems, changing and improving with the times.

Today, they create some of the quickest, most respected tuner Nissan GTRs on the market with one goal: provide the highest quality, best-performing vehicles available. You can see some of their currently available vehicles, along with some of the things they can do, on their website.





Listed as the “Best Brand 2013” by Auto Motor Sport, making this is the eighth time the company has taken the title. Founded in 1977, BRABUS began by building high-luxury, high-performance cars. The founders have been installing audio multimedia systems since 1982 and have more than mastered it since. They can modify and enhance just about any vehicle offered, or you can just buy a vehicle straight from their shop.

The company tests their work all throughout the year to ensure anything with the BRABUS badge is nothing but the best. Selecting your vehicle from a tuner has never been more engaging, as the company recently created a Car Configurator to allow you to create and modify your own car online. Choose anything, from the sound of your vehicle to the body kit and wheels, even the hand-tailored interior, before you buy, then get your price. It’s outstanding.



Carlsson Tuning

When you want your Mercedes to not just be customized, but personalized, tuned and crafted for you, you go to Carlsson. The automotive tuner’s primary focus is to build individual cars for individualists. Carlsson tunes cars for Mercedes owners who want a luxury car that stands out as much as they do.

The company was founded in 1989 and has been hand-tailoring and crafting their very own interiors, aerodynamics and performance for Mercedes vehicles since. They are among the most respected and highest ranked aftermarket car companies.

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Hennessey Performance is a company that needs no introduction. They take your car, tune it their way and send it back to you with more power than you ever thought possible. They’ve recently begun distributing cars of their own, as well as shipping some to dealerships, such as Hendrick Cadillac in Kansas City, Miss. Hennessey is best recognized for their very own creation, a Veyron killing Venom GT, which currently holds the world record for the quickest 0-300km/h time.

For a moment, that Venom was the fastest production car in the world, and, we believe, not far from taking that title once more. The Hennessey team is among the best of the best and offers nothing but the finest and quickest available today. Go to their site to buy your own vehicle and see some videos of them in action.




Kaizen Motorsports

Kaizen believes in offering the best in engine management systems for an affordable price. The word “kaizen” is actually the Japanese word for “improvement,” and is an appropriately fitting name. The company strives to improve Toyota and Lexus vehicles, and since 2004 they’ve managed to quickly become one of the best and most recognized tuners in the business. They offer everything you may need to enhance your vehicle, from suspension to turbos, or you can simply take your car to their shop and tell them what you want it to do.





As far as luxury goes, you have high-end, and then you have Lexani. The company offers their own forged wheels, as well as enhances the luxury accessories within your vehicle. They are the leader in luxury accessories and have been featured in publications such as the New York Times and Forbes. Based out of California, this world-renowned company converts vehicles into the best Executive Vehicles in the industry.

They have only been in action since 2010, but since the launch, they have grown beyond their wildest dreams. The quality and craftsmanship of the vehicles that leave Lexani’s garage are compared to levels of quality found in yachts and private jets. If you hunger for the best, and the true elements of royalty, then you need to call Lexani.



RTW Motoring

RTW Motoring is the only company on this list that is not actually a tuning manufacturer. However, they are the guys to go to if you’d like to get the best in tuned up supercars. RTW is a distributor that brings top of the line aftermarket vehicles into the United States from companies such as Mansory and Lorinser.

The company was founded in 1972 and has slowly grown over the years to become a well established, well-run organization. The vehicles offered from their shop are out of this world and not found anywhere else in the United States. Don’t miss out on the exclusive supercars they have.




Since 1999, STARTECH has been enhancing Jaguars and Land Rovers to be more sophisticated than any owner could ever imagine. Beyond being improved, the owners have the opportunity to personalize their vehicles in innovative new ways.

Through their advanced abilities and ever-growing customer satisfaction, STARTECH has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers in this industry. Their website boasts some fantastic vehicles for great bargains, and also displays some of their up and coming offers. Check them out.





TECHART is a tuning company that focuses on turning ordinary into extraordinary. They focus on creating enhanced Porsches through exterior designs crafted for aerodynamics and interiors made for the most appealing and luxurious comfort. All of their works of art have been catered toward the Porsche enthusiast that knows there is no such thing as perfection for any vehicle.

The company is licensed and certified in various programs and adheres only to customers with the highest of demands. The brand is well known and respected for the high-grade raw materials used to craft the fantastic architecture found in every one of their works of art. Take a look at their site to see a line-up of Porsches unlike any you’ve seen before.