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Tire Stickers On Insane “Zebra” Ferrari 458 Italia

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Presented by Tire Stickers

Each month the team at Tire Stickers® will feature a ‘one-of-a-kind’ vehicle, highlighting the incredible work the builders put into their enhancements using premier industry parts including tire lettering by Tire Stickers®.

This month we get to present our readers with this magnificent, heavily modified Ferrari 458 Italia. The car is designed by Damon Fryer, owner and operator of Daily Driver Exotics. He had it created for the purpose of participating in the GoldRush Rally 8, which took drivers from Boston, Massachusetts to Los Angeles, California in just eight days. Along with the wicked wrap, massive rear wing and wide-body modifications, the tires even got some love, thanks to Tire Stickers.

Wrapping around the circumference of the tires are Pirelli-themed stickers, created by Tire Stickers. If you’re going to go all out and create a car as off-the-wall as this Ferrari, you can’t leave the tires bare and stock. These stickers add a spark of life to any car and this 458 is a perfect example.

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Tire Stickers® is the global leader in tire branding solutions including raised white tire letters, logos and custom colors, whitewalls as well as bar codes, QR codes and other functional products.  Tire Stickers® is the only company globally licensed by nearly all of the major tire brands and serves professional motorsports, OEM and fleet vehicle applications.

For the do-it-yourself type, Tire Stickers® offers tire letter kits and tire graphics, which are available online.  These tire letter kits are manufactured, curved to your specific tire, and include adhesive and the application instructions for a simple installation.  Tire Stickers® also stocks dozens of brand name tires in hundreds of sizes at low warehouse pricing.  All of the tires are available with the option of adding tire lettering, pre-installed at the factory prior to pick-up or shipment.

And right now, Tire Stickers is running a Kickstarter campaign with some spectacular rewards for contributions as low as $3 or as extravagant as $10,000. With this campaign, they’re looking to expand all around the board, including a bigger facility, a larger portfolio of licensed brands, new products and more. check it out by clicking the button directly below.

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