The Ripsaw EV2 is a Drifting and Jumping Tank

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After reading that title, we know we have your attention.

What see here is the Ripsaw EV2 by Howe & Howe, which is run by the youngest duo to ever receive a U.S. Military contract.

The Ripsaw EV2 is one of the many Extreme Vehicles that the brothers have created, and it is actually an upgraded version of the original Ripsaw EV1. This new model is also the first new Ripsaw model in over four years.


In the video above, uploaded by Howe & Howe March 30, the Ripsaw EV2 can be seen plowing through four feet of snow with no trouble at all. And, of course, it performs some high speed drifts across an iced-over lake and catches air off snow mounds.

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Also, there is another video below, uploaded the same day as the previous video, that has some gorgeous drone footage of the Ripsaw EV2 on the ice lake.

Check both videos out to see what this monster is all about.

(Source: YouTube)

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