Terradyne GURKHA RPV Civilian Edition

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You have most likely already seen the GURKHA out on the roads or perhaps in the movies.  Now you have an opportunity to own this exclusive and ultimate tactical vehicle.  Introducing the GURKHA RPV Civilian Edition by Terradyne Armored Vehicles.

Terradyne’s core product is the GURKHA, a tactical armored vehicle available in three configurations, LAPV, MPV and RPV.  The GURKHA is designed, tested and manufactured to perform within law enforcement, homeland security and military defense applications, and it is now being offered to the public.  In order to ensure the GURKHA’s resilience, Terradyne subjected it to a variety of test programs including road worthiness testing, ballistic and blast destructive testing and off-road capability testing.  Each of their vehicles have conquered gruelling terrain and harsh environments, while also participating in several military field trials on proving grounds in various countries.


The RPV Civilian Edition base model’s interior is well equipped with seating for up-to five, with an optional VIP interior package available.  Numerous other optional accessories are available, including a front winch for offroad applications or a rear trailer hitch to haul your race car to the track.  Standard equipment includes full exterior LED lighting, remote power door locks and GPS navigation.


With a commanding presence and aggressive stance, the RPV Civilian Edition is designed to navigate through the urban grid lock with ease and enables full operator confidence for those leisurely off-road excursions.   Regardless if you are towing your boat down to the water or out for a cruise on the strip, the GURKHA RPV Civilian Edition will captivate everyone in its path.

Terradyne’s GURKHA RPV Civilian Edition is now available in limited production. For more information visit: or click the button below.


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