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TECHART’s New Wheels For Panamera & Cayenne

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Go big or go home is how many view their wheels, and that is why your Porsche needs to step up to 22″.This multi-spoke design is the latest addition to TECHART’s catalog. Impressive, elegant and clean. The independent spoke design makes the wheels look bigger than they really are. And 22″s are not small, to begin with. An optical advantage that meets the demands of the bigger Porsche models like the Panamera and Cayenne. They are the logical starting point for body kits that will be released in September.

TECHART Upgrades For Your Porsche 718 Series GTS

The color design sets highlights at the perfect spots. There are two standard bicolor combinations. Glossy grey with machined highlights as an understatement choice and gloss black with machined accents for the sporty touch. Just the right thing for all tastes. Should it once be more special? There are no limits for individual color combinations! Besides the standard color choices, all TECHART wheels are also available in individually matched custom colors. They are designed for the 2017 and newer Panamera and the new 2019 Cayenne. But since both of those share wheel fitments with other VW models, they could potentially fit anything from a Bentayga to a Urus.

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