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TECHART Unveils new Porsche Macan Upgrade Packages

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If you haven’t noticed, the market for super SUVs is hotter than ever. This has led Porsche to build the Macan Turbo with a whopping 440 horsepower. The unassuming small SUV packs a punch from the factory, but the looks and throttle response could be more defined. That’s why our friends at TECHART have developed new Sport and Sport+ packages for 2019. Thanks to their careful engineering, these upgrades are available for standard, GTS, and Turbo Macans.

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Compared to a normal Porsche Macan, their appearance package makes a bold statement. From the front end, the changes to the rocker panels, mirrors, roof and rear spoiler make for a comprehensive aerodynamic and aesthetic improvement. Lighter and stronger than factory rollers, the Techart Formula IV wheels will reduce unsprung weight. This improves handling and ride comfort in any situation. Moving inside, the new 14″ steering wheel is smaller and uses the finest hand-stitched leather. If you want more than just styling, the ‘Powerkit’ offers 80 additional horsepower and 73 lb-ft of torque. If your Macan needs to stand out from the crowd, click the link below to see what TECHART has to offer.

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