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TECHART Programs for the Porsche Macan

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TECHART released their new programs for the Porsche Macan today in a press release.

The first of the programs is the new TECHART Aerodynamics Program. This includes a front spoiler, side skirts, roof spoiler, rear spoiler trim and a rear diffuser. All of these parts are made with high-quality materials. Another program that adds exterior flare are the Sports Package Carbon sets. This set adds carbon fiber trim to the front, side mirrors and roof spoiler.

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Additionally, TECHART offers their Power Kits for the Macan models. These kits add 50 hp with a press of the Sport or Sport Plus button, bringing the total power output up to 450 hp. A perfect match for the Power Kits are TECHART’s exhaust systems, which are made of stainless steel. These systems add to the Macan’s exhaust note, giving off a desirable sound.

Other options available to Porsche Macan owners include TECHART wheels, suspension options and much more.

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(Source: TECHART)


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