Aftermarket Cadillac Escalade

SVE 1,000 Horsepower Suburban, Yukon & Escalade Now Available

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If you are tired of being passed by supercars, SVE has upped the ante for performance SUVs. Just announced is the new SVE 1,000 horsepower Chevrolet Suburban, Yukon & Escalade. Stage 1 is limited to 850 horsepower since it was developed on the 5.3L V8.

But if that isn’t enough, the 6.2L models can be transformed to 6.8L thanks to a new forged rotating assembly. This 414 cubic-inch monster is then topped by their CNC ported heads and a massive supercharger. It yields 1,000 horsepower at the crank and 900 lb-ft of torque between 4 and 6k rpm.

It also includes stainless headers and a transmission upgrade along with an 8-rib supercharger belt. It’s all backed by a 3 year/36k warranty, and as an original owner of their 2002 Camaro SS I can attest to the build quality. Almost all high-volume GM dealers are authorized SVE retailers, so click the link to learn more about their powerful builds.