Superformance “Future GT Forty” Blends Old with New

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Superformance, a manufacturer of continuation sports cars, is introducing a one-off GT40 MkI at SEMA 2018. The car was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Le Mans, where the GT40 MkI P1075 took first place. Called the “Future GT Forty,” this vehicle combines the design of the old GT40 with the current GT and implements the same EcoBoost V6 that Ford currently is using in the GT. As for its livery, it dons the current Ford GT endurance racer’s livery, featuring a red, white and blue design. Mechanically speaking, the Future GT Forty is rock solid. The proven EcoBoost engine powers the car, while HRE Wheels, air suspension, a Quaife 5-speed transaxle, Magnaflow exhaust and more make it a formidable race car all around. You can view the Superformance Future GT Forty at the Magnaflow Booth at SEMA starting October 30.

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