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Starwood Motors Full Metal Jacket Wrangler

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From its inception in 1940, the Jeep has created an industry around modifying and customizing the quintessential American utility vehicle. Sorting through thousands of parts from hundreds of manufacturers is an almost insurmountable task, but Starwood Motors has brought order to chaos.

With a dedicated team of technicians, they transform an already potent Wrangler Unlimited into the “Full Metal Jacket.” The name isn’t a reference to the Stanley Kubrick film, but to a type of hardened ammunition used on the battlefield. Traditional soft lead bullets deform and disintegrate when hitting armored targets. When surrounded by a jacket of steel, they become a force to be reckoned with.


No expense is spared, as the final products have the foundations to conquer any terrain. Over 100 man hours are invested in each example, and what emerges has only a fraction of its original Jeep components onboard. Taking delivery directly from the factory, each unit is completely disassembled and painted surfaces are sanded to bare steel. The body is separated from the frame to gain access to the floorpans and to make room for the upgraded running gear.

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Starwood has developed a kevlar-based exterior coating that is applied to all body panels. It is practically indestructible and easy to keep clean, but its best attribute is rust prevention. Oxidation has been the number one killer of jeeps since WWII, and Starwood can tint the coating in any color desired.


As the body is drying, all suspension parts are removed from the frame and replaced with indestructible components. Curry Rock Jock Dana 60 axles with air lockers are bolted to a Rubicon Express long arm system. Smittybuilt SRC Stinger bumpers are fabricated from 3/16” plate steel and hide a 10,000 lb Warn winch up front. Wheels are 22” XD units wrapped in 40” Nitto Mud Grapplers. Synergy Suspension provides the extended length coil over system in order to provide extreme articulation. The only Jeep parts remaining are the 285 HP V6 engine with 260 lb-ft of torque and the five speed automatic transmission.

After the body meets the beefed up frame, it becomes host to a ton of incredible content. Two LED light bars accompany LED headlights and firewall mounted spotlights for a blinding combination. Four Procar seats are covered in leather with alcantara inserts and bolted to the Kevlar coated floor. Kenwood handles the entertainment via a touchscreen system with all the latest connectivity. For a finishing touch, the body receives a full Smittybuilt XRC body armor package. Front fenders, rocker panels and corner guards are hand-fabricated steel and powder coated for long life.

What emerges onto Starwood’s sales floor represents the state of the art in modification of production vehicles. If you have always wanted a Custom Jeep Wrangler that is more than the sum of its parts, Starwood Motors offers their technical abilities and in-house financing to make that a reality.


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