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Saleen FourSixteen: The Model S Turned Muscle

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When the Tesla Model S was first unveiled, not many  anticipated Saleen getting their hands on it. Renowned for their Saleen S7 for sale and Mustangs, Saleen is not known for working with electric vehicles. However, Saleen changed how everyone percieved their company by introducing the new FourSixteen, a car based on the Tesla Model S.

The name of the car comes from the 416 hp created by the 3-phase, four pole AC induction motor. While this figure is similar to the Model S Performance, Saleen mostly dug into the drivetrain, increasing the acceleration through changes to the gear ratios. foursixteen (2)


They also increased cooling to the drivetrain itself through new radiators and fans. New suspension was also added to make the car even more comfortable to drive, while also allowing it to feel more competent around corners.

Saleen dropped the weight of the car through a number of changes. The most notable weight savings was in the brake system.  Saleen replaced the steel brakes with carbon ceramic brakes, saving 18 lbs per wheel.

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The FourSixteen will stand out from the Model S crowd thanks to its new exterior. Improving both the car’s aesthetics and aerodynamics is the new front and rear fascia, groundforce sideskirts, rear wing and front and rear splitter/diffuser package.

foursixteen (1)

One final change made to the car is an important one. When you’re around a Saleen S7 or Saleen Mustang, you know it by its sound. With the FourSixteen being electric, there is no way they could recreate the rumbling of a gasoline engine, but they decided to give the car a unique “Saleen sound.” Thanks to the changes made to the drivetrain, the FourSixteen has a distinct electric whine, as opposed to the Model S, which is as quiet as a mouse. No, this sound does not come from a speaker; it is completely natural.

To learn more about the car, check out the video above, uploaded by XCARFilms to YouTube Sept. 5.

(Source: XCARFilms /YouTube, Saleen) (Image Source:

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