*Sponsored Aftermarket Mercedes Benz S-Class

RENNtech Lowering Kit For Mercedes-Benz S-Class

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Presented by RENNtech

Lowering a car by easily pushing a switch – sounds simple. However, even though car manufacturers have equipped their vehicles with computer controlled suspension systems for years, they limit the adjustability of their suspension to just a few preset settings. But you’re out of luck if you want a lower, sportier and more aggressive stance. RENNtech has now released an all new plug ‘n’ play solution for the latest generation of S-Class Sedan and Coupe models. The user can load fully customized ride height settings onto the HSM, Hand-held Suspension Module. From there the HSM gets plugged into the OBDII port just beneath the dashboard and with the simple toggle of a switch, the custom adjusted ride height will be uploaded into the vehicle.

The factory adjustments remain fully functional, based on the customized ride height. The user is still be able to raise the car if road conditions require it. Pre-loaded with a RENNtech recommended setting which lowers the car about ¾ inch, the ride height can be fully adjusted in 1mm increments through the free software for use with either personal computer with windows or smartphones and tablets with Android OS. After adjusting the ride height, the upload process takes less than 5 seconds and your car will immediately adjust to the new settings. The RENNtech HSM | Hand-held lowering is now available through RENNtech and their authorized distributors. The kit is applicable for the C217 – S-Class Coupe/Convertible, W222 – S-Class Sedan and the Mercedes-Maybach Models.

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