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RAD-Rides Excursion Conversion

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Presented by RAD-Rides

Some of us demand vehicles that are large, rugged and powerful. Sure, you can go pick an SUV or truck up off of the showroom floor, but maybe it’s time you ordered a truck that has been completely customized to your liking.

RAD-Rides, a Texas-based automotive engineering provider, has noticed the need for a capable SUV that can be customized from the ground up. Thus, they created their very own Excursion Conversion Packages. Each of these conversions uses a Ford F250 from years 2011-current. With the truck, they can create either a four-door or six-door Excursion, each coming with 22-inch Fuel Wheels, 37-inch Toyo tires, electric running boards, Bushwacker Flares, 6-inch Pro Comp Lift and a 5 Year 60k Mile Pro Comp Lift Warranty.

After the base truck is created, that’s when RAD-Rides gets to work on implementing the myriad of options the customer can choose from. From the interior, to the exterior, each finished Excursion is unique thanks to the options. You can view the options by clicking the plus symbols below.

Interior Options
  • Gun Vault – Two Compartments (Code or Remote Lock)
  • Gun Vault Light
  • Center Console Gun Safe (Combo Lock)
  • Gun Dividers
  • Third Row Seating
  • ARB Cooler Installed
  • Captain’s Seats
  • Change Cloth to Leather
  • Second Row Heated Seats
  • Rear Heat & Air (F-Series Trucks)
  • Two Tone Leather
  • Wood Grain Dash
  • Carbon Fiber Dash
  • Painted Dash
  • Sound Deadener 4DR and 6DR
  • Overhead DVD Player
  • Seat Back DVD Players
Exterior Options
  • Spotlights
  • Rig Dually LED Lights
  • Roof Light Bar
  • Baja Roof Rack
  • Road Armor Bumper Front
  • Road Armor Bumper Back
  • Remote Controlled Warren Winch 15,000 lbs
  • Recon Headlights
  • Fender Flares
  • Running Boards
  • Electric Running Boards 4DR and 6DR
  • Leveling Kit
  • Dually Excursions
  • After-market Tail Lights
  • Third Eye
  • Chrome Door Handles 4DR and 6DR
  • Excursion Super Duty Badges
  • Light Bar Installed
  • Baja Roof Rack
  • Road Armor Bumper Front
  • Road Armor Bumper Back
  • Warren Winch 15,000 lbs

Aside with the base packages and options, RAD-Rides also offers the Outdoorsman Excursion Package. With this package, you’ll get the same base features as the previously mentioned packages, but you’ll be able to choose from a long list of options that hunters will be fond of. They add space, extra storage and bonus safety features that will come in handy with each camping trip. You can view these options by clicking the plus symbol below.

After the 800 man hours it takes to build each Excursion Conversion from start to finish, customer’s are greeted with the truck of their dreams. Whether they opted for a lush interior with a standard exterior, or an interior perfect for hunting trips with a rugged exterior to match, the customer’s get a truck that could never be bought off of a showroom floor.

To learn more about what RAD-Rides have to offer or to enquire about your own Excursion Conversion, be sure to visit RAD-Rides.com or click the button below.

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Gun safe featured in the Excursion Conversion