488 GTB Aftermarket Ferrari Geneva Motor Show

Nimrod Lemans 488 GTB and Avanti Toro Aventador Are Unreal

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Right out of Hungary is the wildest Ferrari 488 GTB I’ve ever seen. Unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show is Nimrod Luxury Cars’ Le Mans, a take on the Itlalian automakers latest production vehicle.

Its exterior has been modified considerably, from the front to the back. In the front, the most noticable changes are the air inlets found on both sides of the fascia. Along the bottom sides of the car are new blades to direct airflow, while the air intake behind the door handle has one more extra blade. The greatest addition to the exterior, however, are the FXX K-like wings in the rear.


Also making an appearance were Nimrod’s Concorde, based on the Ferrari 458 and Avanti Toro (seen above as featured image), based on the Lamborghini Aventador. GTBOARD.com were on-hand at Geneva to record the cars. You can view their video below.

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