MANSORY Mercedes-Benz AMG 6×6 Package Expanded

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Though it may be difficult to improve upon the impressive design and build qualities of an AMG vehicle from Mercedes-Benz, MANSORY has proven countless times that they can easily do so.

The latest example of their aftermarket genius comes in their expanded package for the Mercedes-Benz AMG 6×6, a “MANSORY optimised [sic] all-terrain vehicle,” as their website describes. True to their nature, this package makes heavy use of carbon bodywork, from the cladding on the headlights and front skirts, to the mirror housings, side covers and bonnet, which now features additional air inlets.

mansory-mbenz-6x6-060415 (3)

Those inlets will provide additional cooling for the cranked up engine, which manages to improve further upon AMG tuning. Power figures have been increased to approximately 829 hp and 738 lb-ft, preparing this beast of a six wheeler for even more terrain than ever before.

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Aiding in that off-road, all-terrain mastery are the addition of four new headlights, ready to take on a mountain road well after sunset. They’ve been placed above the windshield to protect them from debris and rocks.

mansory-mbenz-6x6-060415 (6)

A Facebook post from MANSORY June 3 shares a few shots of one of these behemoths, this particular one sporting a yellow exterior with carbon black accents. There aren’t many details about a set interior standard, but that’s because each MANSORY 6×6 is made to order, and each customer can select the interior options they prefer most. From leather, to wood, to more carbon fiber, the decision is up to you.

Check out MANSORY’s website to learn more about this and other aftermarket packages, and to find the perfect car for your package, take a look through our exclusive listings of Mercedes-Benzs for sale.

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(Source: MANSORY, Facebook)

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