Mansory Carbonado “Black Diamond” Aventador New Photos

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If Wayne Enterprises were to build an Aventador, this would be it. Mansory has taken inspiration from the Northrop B2 Spirit and developed a proprietary carbon fiber weave that evokes the foreboding silhouette of the Stealth Bomber.

Mansory’s website states that Carbonado Aventador creation is limited to a run of only six cars, each of which uses carbon fiber motif in its two-tone diamond stitched interior. The center console is also awash in the exotic material, with a Mansory build plate taking the place of the starter switch.

mansory-carbonado-aventador-042415 (7)

A gallery uploaded to the aftermarket tuner’s Facebook page April 15 gives us a look at one of these carbon fiber monsters in detail on a runway. With the severity of the exterior’s angling, the Carbonado genuinely looks like a stealth bomber ready for flight.

A new series of photos added to their website, in the gallery below, also give us a great look at the interior and exterior of this impressive vehicle. Exposed carbon in the rocker panels identifies the production number of the car, and its faceted surface provides elegant support for Italian loafers.  No exterior body panel from the original Aventador can be found. The soft urethane front and rear bumpers have been replaced with carbon units with sinister angles. Front fenders are 40mm wider and the rears have grown by 50mm. Connected by carefully sculpted rocker panels, they create a cohesive package that manages turbulent air generated by the larger wheels.

mansory-carbonado-aventador-042415 (5)

Not content with a coachbuilt body, Mansory unleashed their engineers on the drivetrain. Lamborghini Aventadors are known for their beautiful exhaust notes, which have been known to erupt with flame when provoked. They decided to put this energy to work by replacing the mufflers with two large turbochargers. Developed in-house, these mirror imaged masterpieces take the 700 hp car to a mind blowing 1250 hp.

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Boost at this level would detonate the original engine, so new cylinder heads were fitted along with a forged rotating assembly. If you need to leave in a hurry, 62 mph can be reached in 2.6 seconds. Launching a 1250 hp All Wheel Drive car will destroy all four tires, so Pirelli P Zero rubber is wrapped around wheels that measure 20×9″ front and a massive 21×13″ on the rear.

These six cars are the ultimate expression of what happens when artists and engineers are turned loose upon an Italian masterpiece. We can hardly wait to see what their take on the Huracan will be. Check out our exclusive Aventador listings below, and see if you can’t find one for Mansory to take their hand to.


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(Source: Mansory, Facebook)

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