Aftermarket Aventador Lamborghini

Liberty Walk Unleashes Pink Wide Body Lamborghini Aventador SV

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Production cars are limited in design by their management and also by law. Lamborghini, like most other supercar manufacturers, has to build cars that are legal to drive around the world, and many countries have strict laws regarding aftermarket parts. So the Japanese artists at Liberty Walk take pride in offering upgrades for high-end cars, and every component they produce is scrutinized to exacting standards.

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If your Lamborghini Aventador SV looks too normal in your daily commute, allow us to offer some inspiration. By extending and improving the lines of the original design, Liberty Walk has transformed an Aventador SV into the Countess Carbon. Leaving the hood and doors in stock form, every other body part is formed of either fiberglass reinforced plastic or dry carbon fiber. Going even further, the entire car was wrapped in pink and lowered a few inches. The inboard suspension makes it easy to adjust ride height, but their optional air suspension kit makes it much more convenient. In order to get the process started, browse from our Aventador SVs for sale and give Liberty Walk a call. Stay with us for more wild custom builds.