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Lamborghini Domination At TX2K18: Easy 200 MPH

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If your stock Aventador or Huracan needs more speed, Underground Racing has perfected the twin turbo Lamborghini. Our friends at 1320video traveled to Texas for the annual TX2K race. Qualifying and testing brought cars from around the country. As the slower cars were sent packing, every competitor in the semifinals was driving an Underground Racing machine packing 4-digit horsepower.

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You might think that the transmission and differential gears might not be optimal for 1/4 mile racing, but at these power levels drivers are forced to go easy on the launch. The boost builds up progressively until the cars are making over 2,000 horsepower by the 1/8th mile. It’s slightly depressing to watch cars post top end speeds over 100 mph faster than my heavily modified LS car, and it proves that Underground Racing has a recipe for dominance. If you want to get in on the action, you will need a great deal on a Lamborghini Huracan. So click the link below and let the journey begin.

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