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Johnny Bohmer Racing to Break 300 MPH in Street Legal BADDGT

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Last year, Johnny Bohmer of Johnny Bohmer Racing (JBR) took to NASA Kennedy Space Center’s Shuttle Landing Facility in his street-legal BADDGT, a customized Ford GT, to hit 290 mph in preparation for his inevitable 300 mph run this year. Unfortunately due to 25 mph cross winds, he wasn’t able to hit his mark. However, he was able to go over 250 mph with a passenger in his BADDGT, which could be a new world record. “I believe this is surely a first for the automotive community, and a new world record,” Bohmer Said.

Now, in 2016, Bohmer is looking to break his previous Guinness World Record for the Fastest Street Car in the Standing Mile made in 2012. How is he doing that? By completing his 300 mph run.

To get the world ready for his run, JBR uploaded a teaser video to YouTube, shown below. Be sure to check back in as he makes progress towards 300 mph.

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