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Insane Search & Destroy H1 Drives Through Texas Flood No Problem

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Right now, Houston, Texas and other parts of the state are dealing with devastating flooding that has already killed six people, left thousands without power and misplaced hundreds of others. To make matters worse, the rain looks like it will continue today, keeping Houston and other eastern Texas cities in a tight spot.

With Texas underwater, those in the affected area need to be cautious when driving; if you can’t see the markings on the road under the water, don’t drive through it. But, one driver of a Search & Destroy Hummer H1 didn’t really need to take precautions when driving through the floods because what he was driving was able and ready.

In a video uploaded by EVS Motors Inc., we see this rugged SUV drive through flood waters that make their way up to its windshield (the real deep water starts at around 15 minutes in). You can view this video below.

I’ll tell you that you should never attempt something like this, as it could put both you and your vehicle in jeopardy. That being said, what happens in the video below is absolutely impressive. And, if you’re looking for an SUV like this of your own, don’t worry because we actually have them for sale here.

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