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ICON Unveils 1966 Derelict Bronco

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If you don’t need the hassle of new paint or flashy wheels, perhaps you should consider one of ICON’s derelict builds. Jonathan Ward and his team built the ultimate sleepers by hiding the latest in engine and suspension technology under a normal looking body. Of course, their main business involves full restorations to a quality better than the factory could offer. But they also have the Reformer and Derelict series for those of us who don’t need trophy queens.

Icon Derelict 1958 Rolls Royce On Jay Leno’s Garage

This is the first Bronco Derelict, and at first, you might wonder what makes it so special. Who needs doors? The jambs were smoothed out and welded to make it a true roadster. Jonathan posted a rendering of the car on Instagram and he had a customer in less than an hour. From there, the new owner asked for a 5.0L V8 from a 2018 Ford Mustang GT along with a five-speed manual transmission. Instead of the original leaf springs, it borrows the Fox Racing coil suspension from the Raptor. An Atlas transfer case sends power to Dana axles which include ARB lockers. Giant Brembo brakes hide under their 18″ steel wheels, and that would have been enough for most Bronco fans.

But first-generation Broncos aren’t known for strength, so the body and all the fancy driveline rides on an Art Morrison tube frame chassis. To protect the original paint, they scuffed it up and clear coated over the entire body. A center console was fabricated with storage and cup holders, then painted to match the faded white finish. Click the link below to find your Bronco and stay with us for all your ICON updates.

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