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Hennessey and Post Malone Collab in the Works?

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Post Malone and Hennessey Performance (HPE) seem to have something in the works, according to a recent Instagram post from the Texas tuner (see below). The post features a picture of both John Hennessey, the main man behind HPE, and Post Malone. What’s interesting is the description, which reads: “There’s only one HPE build big enough for these two weekend warriors.. 🤘 @postmalone and @johnhennesseytexas collaboration coming soon.”

I honestly have no idea which HPE they could possibly be talking about, but it could mean many things. If they’re talking about “big enough” in terms of power, maybe they’re referencing the upcoming Venom F5 hypercar. The Venom F5 packs 1600 bhp and suggested top speed of over 300 mph. If they’re talking about “big enough” in terms of size, then it could mean the massive VelociRaptor 6×6 (pictured above) or Goliath 6×6.

Who knows what it means, but I’m sure we will be learning about it very soon.

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