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Hennessey GT1000 Delivered by John Hennessey

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Superchargers and turbochargers are a great way to add power to your car. Each force-feeds air into the engine, so why not use both? Too much of a good thing is usually better, but these technologies are generally mutually exclusive due to the differences in how they operate. John Hennessey took up the challenge of turbocharging a supercharged car, and added two massive 67mm turbos to an already potent Ford GT. Months of dyno tuning and track tuning took place at Hennessey HQ in Sealy, Texas. The finished product was strapped down for a validation run in this video uploaded by hpedesign to YouTube July 16.

The dyno graph clearly shows how steeply the horsepower climbs to a max of 853. The flat line is torque, which shows more than 650 ft-lbs from just above idle to 678 ft-lbs on the top end. Those numbers being measured at the rear wheels equate to more than 1,000 horsepower at the engine, and no sacrifices had to be made to ride quality or creature comforts.

GT1000 Dyno

In another hpedesign YouTube video uploaded Sept. 18, John showcases the dual nature of the GT1000. Cameras on the dash and bumper record the delivery and demo ride with new owner Ken Enders.

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Last October, I had the chance to drive the prototype GT1000 as it was part of duPont REGISTRY’s booth at the Orange County International Auto Show. I was told to use third gear to move the car on the carpet, because first and second would shred the flooring. The only exhaust pipes are the few inches from the turbos to the bumper. Moving the car inside from the transporter, the stop and go traffic of the convention center didn’t not phase the driver. Your left leg must be up to the task, because sidestepping the clutch will launch you into the next county. The only problem was the crowd that surrounds the car. With an open exhaust, the whistles of the turbos attract every gearhead in a 3 mile radius.


The power and refinement are undisputed. If you want to transform your GT into a GT1000 please call 979.885.1300 or visit

(Source: Hennessey Performance)

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