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Hennessey Tests 2018 Dodge Demon On The 1/4 Mile

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It took countless hours of tuning and testing to transform the Camaro ZL1 into the Exorcist, and now it has a playmate. Hennessey Performance has received their first Dodge Demon, and now it is time to see what it’s capable of. Using their chassis dyno and the adjacent Lonestar motorsports park, they have given us an idea of the car’s potential. It arrived with only 50 miles on the odometer, so without wasting time John suited up and brought the tires up to temperature.

One of the best features of the Demon is the trans-brake. Inside the transmission, first and reverse are engaged and they cancel each other out. When you are ready to go, hit the button for an instant launch. You shouldn’t be so hard on a new car, so the feature is only unlocked after 500 miles. That is a non-issue for John, being a veteran drag racer. Foot-braking is a class for mostly stock cars without fancy launch control systems. Your left foot holds the brake while the right is used to turn up the volume on the big V8. Going this fast off the showroom floor is simply evil. Even the most potent muscle cars of the 60’s would be several seconds slower. The secret is in the screaming supercharger, which allows it to make 840 horsepower on race fuel. On Shell 93 it is limited to 808 hp, so they strapped it down to the dyno to confirm it.

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To see how quickly it can put that power to the ground, he then took the Demon to a closed course for a top speed run. You can’t deny this car is lethal, so check out how fast it reaches max speed.Demon owners are having to wait for their crates to arrive, so once John’s arrives at the shop, you will see an 840 hp run on this mean machine.

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