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Hennessey C7 Corvette Stingray Hits 200 MPH (Video)

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We knew that Hennessey builds some mean machines, and we knew how much they love the Corvette engine, but now we know what that passion and a little hard work can do to the 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray. Hennessey built up the naturally aspirated V8 into their own 600 hp monster. To test it out, Hennessey closed down a local Texas toll road and let their improved Stingray really stretch its legs. For the first time, the new Corvette saw 200 mph.

The video below shows Hennessey’s 600 hp Corvette as it starts from a full stop, reaching 60 mph in 3.5 seconds and passing the quarter mile mark in just 11.3 seconds at 127 mph. The sports car roars over an overpass while being watched by a helicopter and many cameras, passes by local police, and reaches its top speed of 200.6 mph. Having the chance to see what it’s like to sit in the passenger seat as this American icon runs down a local highway is pure pleasure. We’re sure John Hennessey’s team is proud beyond words.

Enjoy the video, check out the gallery, read the press release and let us know what you think.

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Press Release

Hennessey Corvette Breaks 200 MPH on New Texas Toll Road

HPE600 first 2014 C7 Corvette to eclipse the double century mark

December 17, 2013

Available for Immediate Release

Houston, Texas-Only a handful of supercars exist that can rightfully lay claim to achieving 200 mph and beyond. With a serious injection of horsepower from Hennessey Performance (HPE), the new Corvette Stingray has entered that exclusive club. On December 11, 2013, an HPE-upgraded C7 Corvette, driven by company founder John Hennessey, achieved a top speed of 200.6 mph, making it the first C7 Corvette to break the double-century mark. The run was verified with both the VBox GPS-based data acquisition system and by radar courtesy of Texas DPS State Troopers who were on hand.

The record run took place on a closed section of the newly completed segment E of Texas State Highway 99, also known as the Grand Parkway that’s located west of Houston, made available by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).  The new toll road section, which opens to the public on Saturday, December 21st, connects Interstate 10 with Highway 290. The day also gave TxDOT officials and their toll road engineers from TransCore the chance to test its toll tag RFID system with Hennessey vehicles.

“The road is perfectly smooth and the Corvette was very stable and easy to drive at 200 mph,” said driver and company founder John Hennessey. “I’d put the Texas highway system up against any other highway in the world, including the German Autobahn. Our roads have proven to be smooth and safe at speeds well above 200 mph. Of course, under normal driving situations, drivers should observe speed limits that have been determined to be safe for travel on the road.”

In 460-bhp production form, the production C7 Corvette Stingray straight from the Bowling Green factory is certainly no slouch-it’s a true 180-mph road car. But as aero drag increases with the square of velocity, the Corvette needed to supply serious power-700 bhp at 6500 rpm-to break through the aerodynamic brick wall and achieve that extra 20 mph. The record-setting C7 utilized the HPE600 package (long-tube headers, ported factory cylinder heads, high-flow cats, HPE camshaft and HPE tune) plus a Nitrous Express 100-hp nitrous oxide system to break the 200-mph barrier.

Hennessey Performance will soon be releasing its HPE700 supercharged upgrade-also capable of 200-plus-mph performance, but without nitrous-that employs a TVS2300 supercharger, HPE custom camshaft, air induction system, high-flow heads, long-tube headers and HPE tune. Installed price for the package is $22,500.

Said Don Goldman, Hennessey CEO: “We’re thrilled to have validated our upgraded C7’s performance at one of the best possible highways not only in America, but the world.”

In addition to the 200-mph C7, Hennessey also brought out its first HPE600 supercharged Chevrolet SS that, despite being gear-limited, easily achieved 164.2 mph on the Grand Parkway.


About Hennessey® Performance: Established in 1991, Hennessey® Performance (HPE) now operates from a new facility comprised of a 36,000 square foot building that is located adjacent to Lonestar Motorsports Park, the company’s test track and IHRA sanctioned ¼ mile dragstrip. The 143-acre complex is located about 45 minutes west of Houston, Texas along Interstate 10. Hennessey® offer a wide variety of dyno-proven, track-tested parts for modern performance vehicles. In addition, Hennessey® operates Tuner School, the world’s first fully state-licensed school dedicated to teaching and training future performance vehicle tuners.